“The eco-innovation that will revolutionize the toy sector”



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Eco Toy Day is the first meeting on sustainability in the toy industry and related sectors. It came into existence with the purpose of proposing alternatives and responses to the issues posed by this great challenge.

Eco Toy Day is a space for toy manufacturers to present opportunities and possibilities, with a combination of conferences and exhibition areas for sustainable materials and products.

Eco Toy Day opens up a window for dialogue, reflection, and the sharing of initiatives that contribute to the development of a sustainable economy in the toy sector, from a global perspective that addresses design, processes, logistics, marketing, and communication.


Eco-innovation that will revolutionise the toy sector: Responses and alternatives to the challenges posed by sustainability in 2022.

10:00-10:30 What are we talking about when we talk about sustainability?

Sonia Sánchez, Consultant specialised in toys, impact and sustainability.
Author of “Changing the World, Toy by Toy”

What is sustainability and the circular economy in the present environment?
The limits of the current model: from vulnerability to business opportunity.
The Circular Economy: towards a bio-inspired paradigm in the toy sector.

10:30-11:00 A world without waste: Coca-Cola’s packaging strategy

Ana Gascón, Strategy Director of sustainable packaging in Europe at Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company’s international vision and policy for their packaging action plan. Focus on the packaging life cycle: from the design and manufacture of bottles and cans, to recycling and reuse.

11:00-11:30 Ecodesign and product sustainability strategy

Pere Fullana, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change at ESCI-UPF. Award for the best scientific contribution in Life Cycle Management, awarded by the International Society of Industrial Ecology.

11:30-12:00 Green Break

12:00-12:25 Sustainability regulation in Europe and Spain

Cristina Miró, AEFJ Technical Director

Review of both European and national regulations that affect or will affect in the near future sustainability in the business sphere, both in terms of production processes and marketing.

12:25-12:45 Green investments

Andrés Ferrer, CEO and cofounder of Omawa ecological footprint

The Transition to a more sustainable model.
Green credits play a key role in the European Green Deal to subsidise sustainable initiatives for a greener future.

12:45-13:45 Eco-innovation in materials and packaging

Moderator: Ana Ibáñez, Project Manager Innovative Materials and Manufacturing en AIJU

  • María Pertegaz, comercial director Iberia & Greece Hasbro
  • Alejandro Garcia, Lead Quality Engineer & Compliance-EMEA, Mattel
  • Rui Marinho, Sales Agent Spain & Portugal, FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

Casos prácticos de innovación en materiales y envases y presentación de los resultados del proyecto de AIJU: «Biomateriales funcionales como alternativa en productos infantiles»

13:45-14:30 Eco-innovation in processes

Moderator: Pablo Busó, User Research Area Manager, toy and market expert AIJU

  • Ignacio Ramos, business development manager de GEOMAG
  • Paula Molina, responsable de sostenibilidad en Juguetes Cayro
  • Rafael Rivas, director general de Miniland
  • Daniel Solsona, diseñador industrial y de product senior en IMC Toys

Presentation of various cases of eco-innovation in processes from a perspective of packaging, logistics, material recycling, waste management and carbon and water footprint.

14:30-15:55 Lunch: Ecocatering

15:55-16:30 How does sustainability change marketing strategies?

Moderator: Anna López, Cluster Manager Kid´s Cluster

  • Raquel Jiménez, Marketing Director Entertainment Area  El Corte Inglés
  • Ana Vazquez, CEO de Balboa

Definition of the changes in marketing strategies by toy companies.
From greenwashing to coherence between the essence of products or processes and communication.

16:30-17:15 Does sustainability make the grade? The approach of toy retailers

Moderator: Maite Francés, AEFJ Marketing Director

  • Fernando Pérez, director of NPD Spain
  • Andrea Enriquez, CEO and co-founder of Kidalos
  • Nacho Gaspar, CEO of Toy Planet

Sustainability in retailing with practical examples and opinions from leading retailers.

17:15-17:55 Is there a new consumer of eco toys?

Pablo Busó, Expert in toys and markets.
AIJU’s User Research Area Manager

Main results of the Market Study “Sustainability and toys”, conducted with 3000 families in Spain with children from 1 to 12 years old.

17:55-18:35 10 steps you can take to become an eco-winner starting from tomorrow

José Luís Montes, Executive manager and expert in sustainability

Innovators must be dreamers, but to be successful they must also be pragmatists. Where do we start? What steps can we take so that we don’t go too far, nor fall short? Get a pencil (from a certified forest, of course), and paper (recycled, mind you), and take note.

18:35-18:45 Closing Session


Ana Gascón

Director of the Sustainable Packaging Strategy for Europe at The Coca-Cola Company

Sonia Sánchez

Sustainability consultant specialized in the toy sector / Author of “Changing the World Toy by Toy”

Pablo Busó

User Research Area Manager, toy and market expert AIJU

Cristina Miró

Technical director of the AEFJ

José Luis Montes

Manager, entrepreneur, and expert in sustainability

Anna López

Cluster manager KID´S CLUSTER

Fernando Pérez

Director of NPD Spain

Pere Fullana

Director of the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, Professor of the Master in Waste Management (UPM)

Ana Ibáñez

Project Manager Innovative Materials and Manufacturing en AIJU


Alejandro García Sanz

Chief quality engineer EMEA at Mattel

Ana Vázquez

Founder and CEO, Balboa Communication

Andrés Ferrer Santiago

CEO and Co-founder of Omawa Ecological Footprint

Ignacio Gaspar

CEO of Toy Planet

María Pertegaz

Commercial Director Iberia & Greece

Raquel Jiménez Enebral

Marketing Director Entertainment Area

Exhibitor area

ECO TOY DAY is an excellent opportunity for toy companies to present the sustainable products they are developing, which is why we have set up an area for companies to showcase their products.

The exhibitor areas will feature a 1 metre table, 1 chair, and space behind them to place a company roll-up display.

If you wish to access this category, you can register through the form and select the corresponding option (partner or non-partner).


ECO PLAY is an exhibition of sustainable toys proposed by young designers. It includes projects that explore how to promote attitudes and actions to care for the natural environment. These are toys that are durable, create long-term value, and use few materials. Play lines basically biodegradable, ecological and sustainable. In short, an exhibition of new toy concepts that respond to the current vision of society and environment, showing how young designers understand that they can give an answer to it.

250 € + VAT

Registration form

160 €

From the second assistant per company, a 10% discount will be applied = 144 €
These discounts are not cumulative with each other.
Registration deadline until September 14th.

260 €

From the second attendee per company, a 10% discount will be applied = 234 €
These discounts are not cumulative with each other.
Registration deadline until September 14th.




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